let's try this again

posted on: January 05, 2019

Well that was embarrassing, I upgraded the site in 2016 with the hope of posting more often, I failed miserably. Zim is still a great wiki that I use, but my scripts to make it do what I wanted were too rickety.

Back in September of 2018 I started toying around with writing my own static site generator in python, I got to 90% pretty quick and then stalled. In December 2018 I had some time during the holidays so I dusted it off and finally finished the thing.

This marks the 7th major change to the site over the years, one non obvious change is that all article dates are now in UTC. Dealing with timezone offsets is a pain, my site generator my rules ;)

Here's to hoping this isn't the last update for another 3 years.

tags: site