hey look, an update

posted on: January 03, 2016

Well I really blew it last year when it came to updating this website. I thought when I moved to using Nanoc to generate the site I would update it more often, but I was never quite happy with it. I looked into using other static site generators (all seemed too complex for what I wanted) and even started to roll my own Python script to do it. Meanwhile I have been using Zim for quite a while now to manage my text-snippits/thoughts both at work and at home, last week I stubled upon this feature of Zim and thought what the hell lets try it...

So this site is now powered by Zim, using a custom template I made and a small build script. While tinkering with the site I decided to remove all JavaScript (this includes the commenting system) and make the site HTML and CSS only, I'm sick of the bloat of modern web pages so I'm slimming mine down. The way Zim generates URL slugs is a bit different than Nanoc so instead of sean-long.com/2014/01/lenovo-t420-freebsd-tweaks/ there is seanlong.org/2014/01/Lenovo_T420_FreeBSD_Tweaks.html. If you are looking for an old post (probably not, I don't think anyone reads this site anyway) and can't find it just look at the archives page, everything is there. Finally that brings me to the last major change, I'm now going to host this site on seanlong.org instead of sean-long.com I've owned the .org for a bit now and figured I best start using it, one character savings in the URL as a bonus.

By my count this is the 6th major change to this site.

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