flee iPhoners, flee

posted on: January 11, 2011

Now that the Apple iPhone is going to finally be on Verizon I hope most of the iPhone users on AT&T flee. Not because I love Verizon more than AT&T (they both suck in their own special ways) but because I am an AT&T customer and I want more bandwidth freed up for my Nexus One.

The Verizon iPhone does come with the extra feature of being a WiFi hotspot to share your connection with up to 5 devices (Edit: This is an extra cost. AT&T has tethering but not the WiFi hotspot capability). BUT the Verizon version does not allow you to talk on the phone and use the data connection at the same time, the phone conversation will continue and the data will pause.

Choose your poison wisely, may I suggest the Verizon version ;)

Engadget has a good comparison of the two phones/services.

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