BlackBerry to iPhone

posted on: February 07, 2008

Yesterday I finally got fed up with my BlackBerry 8830 (got it in August of 2007) that I decided to get the iPhone. Quite frankly the BlackBerry seemed to be going down hill, and fast.

The first problem I ran into was background noise being picked up by the phone's microphone better than my voice in calls. I got a lot of people saying, "What? Can you repeat that?".

The second problem I ran into was crashes resulting from charging the phone while the phone was on, I did not always notice the crash and would miss calls.

The straw that broke the camels back was yesterday when my alarm on the phone telling me it was time for work didn't sound, luckily I was paying attention to the clock anyway. I just don't trust the phone anymore, how hard can it be to have a properly working alarm?

The phone might have been fine if I did a reset but I just didn't want to mess with it anymore. Even if I did a reset HTML emails would still look like crap and the built in browser would still be junk.

I am predicting that I will miss the following from the BlackBerry:

So far I am really enjoying the iPhone, the hardware is top notch (I bought the new 16GB version) and the software is very slick.

I will report back any major findings in this phone/carrier changeover.

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